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Trick Trick & Maestro Williams discuss Eminem & Benzino beef & some Detroit natives disrespecting Eminem




Award-winning producer Maestro Williams has recently sat down with Trick Trick on The Fly Zone radio show “The Sit Down” on Shade 45 to discuss Maestro’s multiple talents as an award-winning producer. Producing many different genres of music including, classically orchestrated arrangements in hip hop and is work ethics. At one point of the interview, the two talked about working with Eminem, some Detroit native people disrespecting Em and recent Slim Shady and Benzino beef.

Maestro Williams: I worked with Eminem in studio once. I got a call from Biz and I don’t know what was going on but I was keyboard player for that day. I was like ‘WAIT, WHAT?!’ So yeah, pulled up and we worked. He works in the studio like 9 to 5 job. Literally. He actually stayed little past five that day. He was working on some s–t I though it was dope. I never heard it on anything so I guess it was not dope enough. But we worked in studio together for sure. And then we were working on D12 mixtapes. The joints he did on there. I would mix that in with everything else.

Trick Trick: I’m just finding out about a lot of things that’s happening in hip-hop as far as Detroit concerned and one of the things that I keep seeing that’s weird to me is people going after Eminem that live here. I’m like, ‘you can pick another f–king target.’ They act as if they placing on some type of throne and then they trying to dethrone him. He’s not on the throne. He’s not trying to be on the throne of other than to be the greatest rapper to ever live which is a quest that is worldwide. And he put the f–k on the city, n-gga. Not even counting charitable donations he makes that he chooses to never say nothing about.

Maestro Williams: I don’t get it, I don’t f–king get it. I never got it and I never will. Well, first, let’s not act like he DID NOT. He still put on for the city. It’s so disrespectful. It hurts my feelings.

Trick Trick: Did you see Benzino?

Maestro Williams: Yeah, I did. You know what I did? I f–ked up. I commented on the excerpts that got posted on Instagram before I watched the whole video. I became one of them n-ggas I fear the most. I failed [Laughs]. let’s be honest. The parts that everybody saw on Instagram then s–t is funny. It’s a dichotomy of how he starts . Now, if they just did the crying part, it’s like ‘oh man, what’s going on?’ But when you see all ‘F–k Eminem’ parts before crying….[Laughs]. You can’t write that s–t in the movie. Reality is so much better than fiction. I was just telling cuz you can’t write that s–t bro. It’s the same interview, You wearing the same clothes ma n-gga. You go the same hairstyle. You can’t break this s–t up. You just said ‘f–k him, f–k anybody who rides with him’ and I’m like ‘wait n-gga, that’s me cause I ride with him! [Laughs] F–k you mean?! I don’t even know you. Why is this happening dawg.

Trick Trick: That’s me too n-gga! [Laughs]… Speaking from a deceit of a fellow counselor, that’s a sick obsession.

Watch the radio show below: