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Chris D’Elia describes meeting Eminem in his Detroit studio




Chris D’Elia has recently sat down with Adam22 on No Jumper Podcast where the comedian recalled meeting and chopping it up with Eminem at his Detroit studio.

Back in 2019, Logic and Eminem dropped “Homicide” song which features Chris D’Elia on the outro, which is taken from an August 2018 Instagram video of comedian Chris D’Elia doing his impression of Eminem. It inspired a meme about Eminem “using too many napkins.” In January 2019, Eminem took to Twitter to praise D’Elia for his imitation after he released another video titled “EMINEM IN THE CYPHER.” Em went on to sample this at the end of his January 2020 track, “Godzilla,” featuring Juice WRLD: “I’m not afraid to pull the — Man, stop, Look what I’m plannin’.”

During the new interview, Chris D’Elia said: “I don’t care about bathrooms at all. I go and piss and s–t any bathroom in the woods. I don’t care. You know the whole thing with Eminem, like, he wanted to do a song with me and stuff? I was in Detroit to do a show and they reached out. I don’t remember how but they were like ‘Eminem want you to come by the studio and say hi. I was like, cool.”

Then he continued: “We are in Mercedes Sprinter and I remember I had to pull over and s–t in someone’s yard on the way to Eminem’s. It was so f–ked up. I was s–ting myself. He pulls over, I open that thing and run into somebody’s yard. It was a nice place and I squat down. When I left, I was like, they’re gonna think a mountain lion came by. I got back into Sprinter and I f–king went straight to Eminem and he has no idea that I took a s–t into someone’s yard before I met him.”

“We were talking probably an hour and a half. It was so cool. He really like comedians. When I did that impression and he retweeted and they wanted to put me in the song and he played me and I played him. It’s still crazy by the way. I showed up in the studio and he saw me and he started rapping my impression of him. And I was like, what a f–king trip. Life is crazy. We sat down for an hour and a half. It was unbelievable. I even got to the point where I was like ‘I don’t wanna keep your time’ but they were like ‘Nah, stay!’ He was talking about rapping and how he came up and critics and his tour life. I mean, we covered it all, it was crazy.” Chris D’Elia added.

From there, Adam22 interrupted: “You shook his hand without washing your hands? You’ve just been clutching your a-s cheeks, pulling them apart in a squat stance in somebody’s yard taking a s–t?” On that, Chris replied: “I don’t know and hope I washed my hands. It was clean how I did it.”

You can watch the interview below: