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Donnell Rawlings shares his opinion on Dr. Umar saying Eminem can’t be GOAT because he’s white




Comedian, actor, and radio host Donnell Rawlings, best known as a cast member on the Comedy Central sketch comedy TV show Chappelle’s Show and the HBO drama tv-series “The Wire,” has recently sat down with DJ VLAD where he talked about Dr. Umar Johnson saying Eminem can’t be considered one of the greatest rappers of all time because he’s white.

“Here is the thing. This is the opinion of Dr. Umar. Me personally, I can’t focus on someone’s opinion. I like to talk about things that are fact based. That’s his opinion. There’s some people who think he could be and most of those are white people and there’s a lot of black people that say ‘Aright, enough is enough. Let’s admit that Eminem is a nice motherf–king rapper.” said Donnell Rawlings.

Then he continued: “And I will put like this with Eminem. It’s even tougher for him to get to the point where people even would even mildly respect him and it to be straight because he’s white. I understand, we at certain fields and things, we broke color barrier but for him to break the black rap color barrier, for people to even consider, it took a long time. ‘F–k that white boy’ it want from there to ‘Wait a minute, he’s nice and nice.’ But in some people’s minds he would never be able to be the all time greatest rapper and to be quite honest, I don’t give a f–k. I don’t even really f–king listen to music at all. But there is some people that are stuck in the fact that, they can’t get on the fact that he’s white and he’s nice.”

“Everybody’s top five is is all subjective on what you like. And at the end of the day, if you like JAY-Z, you like JAY-Z. If you like Eminem, you like Eminem. But me being mtherf–ker over 50, I don’t even really have time to even argue about. It just makes no sense. And certain topics there never gonna be no resolve. Anyone’s never gonna get the answer. I guarantee for the history of sports and everything, there’s never gonna be an agreement on who is the greatest basketball player of all time. It always gonna be LeBron versus Mike, there’s always gonna be Kobe. You will always have that conversation, you can put the stats up, who did what, what amount, how many, it’s all stuff to keep a the conversation going and me personally I don’t give a f–k about.” Donnell Rawlings added.

You can watch the interview after the jump below.