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Dr. Dre

Reggie Wright Jr. says Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre will never get album done




Former general manager of Death Row Records, Reggie Wright Jr. has recently sat down on bomb1st where he talked about Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s weird relationship and says Suge Knight is right for saying Dr. Dre does not deserve to have Grammy award named after him because of his dirty history.

“It’s hard for me to hate on Dre. You look stupid if you hate Dre. I love what Suge Knight said [about Grammy naming Global Impact Award after Dre] in his latest podcast. I said it a year ago but he came out on his podcast and said pretty much the same thing. We both spit out the same thing about that award. It’s kinda hypocritical from the Grammys to give that particular award named after Dr. Dre, knowing his history. It’s gonna be nice to see one female would have a courage enough to boycott if they try to nominate them for that particular award. It’s gonna be really interesting.” said Reggie Wright Jr.

Then he continued: “I still kinda like Dre. Other than that one issue with Dre. I’m gonna be honest. Even though I’m a Suge guy. I was around Death Row because of Suge. I always still kinda liked Dre for just the way he moved because he didn’t like the drama and all that.”

“It’s a good marketing [Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s recent Gin & Juice drink] but they have a weird, weird relationship. They never can do anything long. It never pens out between those two. They can make some money off that but they will never get the album [The Missionary] done. Y’all remember that tour that was supposed to be happening at Hollywood Bowl? And then they came out with crazy excuse about the writer’s Gil. I said that show was never gonna happen between those two. Dre got too much money, he don’t need it. I’m telling y’all, there’s something going on between Snoop and Dre where they can be cool for a minute but then they are not cool. They can’t work together. Their entourages are different. You got wanna be gangsters with homosexuals. And they just don’t get along. Don’t keep your hopes up about no Gin & Juice and no albums by those senior citizens. It’s not going to happen. It would be nice though. I would love it. I’d be in the front row of their concerts but like I tell y’all, it won’t happen. Great advertisement, good luck with that, they probably can do one day shoot, tow day shoot but as far as y’all thinking the album is coming out between these two, won’t happen.” – Reggie Wright Jr. added.

You can watch the interview below: