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Cassidy responds Dr. Umar’s comments about Eminem




Cassidy has recently done an interview with The Art Of Dialogue, where Philadelphia rapper responded to Dr. Umar saying that Eminem can’t be one of the greatest of all time because he is white.

“I think Eminem is great. He proved it a lot of times. A lot of classic projects. A lot of classic songs. A lot of classic freestyles. He has been making history over and over again and been doing records with people of all types of races, all type of different backgrounds and been showing up, arguably got the best verse. So, it’s hard to see he ain’t great. I just feel like I’m the greatest, period.” said Cassidy.

Then he continued: “I disagree what Dr. Umar said. I don’t wanna make it based on race though. It did start as a black culture. Black and Spanish people started hip-hop…I feel like Eminem has been studying it since he was born, for a long time he has been studying locked in. He knows more about the culture than an average black person. So, I feel like he deserved to get a pass.”

“Eminem is super technical. When it comes to piecing up syllables, using figurative language, he’s like the best. He understands it. He understands the science. He’s one of the dudes that truly understands where it came from, how it evolved, where it was at certain points of time. I think he really studied the culture. I heard too many interviews and too many conversations with Eminem saying too much history for you to like, exclude him.” Cassidy added. Check the interview after the jump below.