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Math Hoffa responds Dr. Umar’s comments on Eminem




One of the best battle rappers and the host of My Expert Opinion podcast, Math Hoffa has recently sat down with DJ VLAD where he was asked about his opinion on Dr. Umar claiming that Eminem can’t be considered one of the greatest rappers of all time because he’s not black.

“I disagree to Dr. Umar. Did black people invent basketball? or Golf? Tiger Woods? And you know, when he said that, that’s the first person I thought about. There is Tiger Woods and nobody seems to have a problem with his status so why would we? Dr. Umar, I respect him, but I just think that sometimes his beliefs are his beliefs. I might believe that the moon is really made made of mayonnaise but I shouldn’t go around telling everybody that. You know what I’m saying? I should just keep it to myself. All right. This ain’t a popular opinion and he’s not scared to say it but just the way Joe kind of turn down the volume on those statements, nobody is running with that.” said Math Hoffa.

Then DJ VLAD said Dr. Umar also blamed him for not building schools and hospitals. On that, Math replied: “This topic has nothing to do with me. You are using me right now to take shots at this man. I will say this though. Eminem…I think the big part of our show becoming popular in the beginning was Eminem cosigning it. He co-signed the show. He was on Crooked I podcast and he was like ‘you know I was watching Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion and these are the guys we wanna hear from. These are guys who know the lyricism’ and I was like ‘WOW, incredible’ and the numbers went up around that time. Shout out to Em. So, the GOAT argument, I’ll leave that up to the people who like to make lists like that but as far as my personal top 5, Em is definitely in there.”

You can watch the interview below: