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Joe Budden tells Math Hoffa why he never responded Eminem’s diss




Joe Budden has recently visited Math Hoffa, Smoke DZA, ESSO, MR MECC and HYNAKEN on My Expert Opinion where the crew briefly talked about a beef with Eminem.

“I don’t even remember that s**t. I don’t have nothing to say about Eminem diss. I don’t need an opportunity to diss a rapper. It’s my action and my though that I have processed this myself. It’s awesome that a rapper with that magnitude threw it for whatever reason but the reason does not matter. If I wanted to diss him and I would diss him. I’m not giving this to clickbait culture ‘Joe Budden disses Eminem…'” said Joe.

Then the crew continue talking about The Game challenging Eminem into a battle.

You can watch the interview below: