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Joe Budden shouts out Eminem for dissing Benzino




Surprisingly, Joe Budden has taken Eminem’s side in his renewed beef with the former co-owner of The Source magazine, Benzino.

Discussing the recently resurrected feud between the longtime rivals on his self-titled podcast, Joe Budden — who used to be signed to Eminem’s Shady Records as one quarter of Slaughterhouse before they fell out — made it clear he is no fan of Benzino.

“Eminem rhymed animal control with Sandra Bullock’s nose. Em loves rapping so much yo. Nobody else is gonna rhyme Sandra Bullock’s nose with animal control. I like it.” said Joe Budden.

Then he continued: “Maybe punching down is back. I’m with anybody dissing Benzino. Y’all see that ni–a coming out the pool on some bodybuilder s–t with the water glistening off his body trying to be like a seal or some s–t?

“Old ni–as shouldn’t do that. He do too much s–t that old n-ggas shouldn’t do. And I know he tried to bang that transgender. I don’t care what that n-gga say. I know he did! It’s been there! Now me and Em on the same side — look what you did, Benzino. I ain’t never had a problem with Benzino, but Benzino do make being 50 look corny. For real.” Joe Budden added.

You can watch the podcast below: