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Fans share videos of Eminem’s music playing everywhere in response to The Game




In a recent interview with,  SHOWTIME Basketball on episode 137 of ALL THE SMOKE, The Game claimed Eminem’s music is not played in the clubs, in the streets or in the locker rooms.

“When have you ever heard Eminem song playing in the club? When have you ever heard his s**t in a locker room? I don’t hear Eminem in the streets. It’s not like he can’t rap. The skillset is there but I’m just a better rapper. I just have not been given the light that he has been given. They didn’t put money behind me. I could not pushed to Eminem heights, 50 Cent got pushed to those heights because he played nice. Eminem and him are very close. Ni**as didn’t even know Eminem was not going to do Super Bowl if 50 would not be on it.” said The Game.

In response to Game’s comments, fans shared a videos of Eminem’s music being played almost everywhere. Check some of them below:


2. AC MILAN team in the streets of Milan after winning Serie A.

3. Eminem’s “Not Afraid” in the streets of Detroit

4. Locker room? LeBron James rapping out loudly along Eminem’s “Forever” verse during the break.

5. DJ Hardwell started his Tomorrowland electronic music show with Eminem’s “Without Me”

6. Eminem’s music is being played in Space!

7. Eminem’s music is being played in the gym!

8. Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” is being played during Dwyane Wade’s jersey retirement ceremony

9. Eminem’s music is played in the movies.

10. MMA fighters often use Eminem’s music as their walk-out songs

11. Legendary boxer Tyson Fury bumping Eminem at a party after beating Deontay Wilder

12. DaBaby bumping Eminem in the streets of Africa

13. Fat Joe bumping Eminem with his squad.

14. Again LeBron

15. Tyga on his Tiktok

16. Twerking to Eminem & Nate Dogg

And other countless videos that I’m too lazy to share.