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The Game responds Eminem’s “Realest” jab




Ez Mil has recently released the debut single “Realest,” featuring Eminem, through Shady Records and as usual, Slim Shady’s verse is one of the most talked topics on social media.

In the song, Eminem responds people who discredit him by saying that his music is not played in the clubs and The Game is one of them.

And that is the only retort, is I’m not played in the clubs (What?) / Motherf–ker, put a cork in it / Only reason they still play your s–t in the club (Why?) / Is ’cause you still perform in ’em (Ha-ha).” – Eminem raps.

Em is talking about the claim that The Game made when he wanted to spark “beef” with Eminem. To quote what The Game said on the Matt & Stak’s SHOWTIME Basketball podcast: “When have you ever heard an Eminem song playing in the club?” Eminem reacts to this by implying that the only reasons that The Games music is played in clubs is because he performs in them, by clubs Eminem also means small venues because The Game is still a “small” artist therefore he can’t sell out big stadium arenas like Em.

In his latest post on Instagram, The Game seems to be responding to Eminem. “I still perform in em. @teyanataylor you are a rose & the best lil sis a thug could pray for. One day we’ll tell em the stories from the beginning with no skips. Til then, shine you amazing human. Oh’ & I know it’s Sunday… but get my new pair in the air 1st thing tomorrow.” The Game wrote in the caption while wearing Teyana Taylor Air Jordan 1s, meaning, he will perform in the clubs wearing those shoes.

Fans stormed the comment section with Eminem’s lines. “Ya still perform in them clubs lmao” one user commented. “Performing in clubs but not sold out stadiums worldwide” another replied. “Do you still perform in clubs??” another responded.

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