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50 Cent

50 Cent gives update on 8 Mile TV series with Eminem




50 Cent promises that his 8 Mile TV series will be as big as Eminem’s 2002 feature film.

Fif first announced the project back in January, 2023 telling Big Boy’s Neighborhood that he hopes the series will help further Slim Shady’s already untouchable “legacy.”

“We in motion. It’s gonna be big. I’m working. I ain’t got no duds. I’m batting 100 … I think it should be there for [Eminem’s] legacy because it’s important to me that they understand it.” Fif said at that time.

50 Cent shed more light on the TV show in a recent interview with Men’s Health this week, noting that his 8 Mile reboot is on track to be just as big as the 2002 movie, starring Eminem.

“I’m developing the 8 Mile film into a series. So this s–t is expected to be just as big as the feature film, just huge. It’ll be huge. The interest in it is because the time period of 8 Mile was capturing per the bat, so as we move it into modern times you’ll see things about how we function now, how technology changed the way people enter the music business.”

Then he continued: “This is why you don’t see groups in the music business. You see so many individual artists because there’s no artist development. They used to take time, find Justin Timberlake over here, this guy from over here, bring this guy then we got NSYNC. Then we got Backstreet [Boys], then we got all of these cool boy bands because you put all of that talent into one show.”

You can watch the interview below: