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Yelawolf reveals conspiracy theory behind Eminem signing him to Shady




Earlier this month, Yelawolf showed off his Elvis ring on Instagram, gifted by former professional skateboarder, stunt performer, television personality, and filmmaker Bam Margera. In the caption, the former Shady Records artist wrote:

“Priscilla gave Bam one of Elvis’s robes and a ring of his as well the other night in L.A .. Bam gifted that ring to me .. it popped on my finger like it was made for me and I can’t lie it was a bit emotional .. Elvis was my first piece of vinyl .. it was also a gift when I was only 7 years old .. some things are just too amazing not to share with you all .. thank you Priscilla and thank you BAM I love you bro .. I’ll cherish this forever !! … TMZ hit BAM about it all .. I added that and a rad selfie of BAM and Priscilla he sent me in the scroll .. I love y’all !!”

Some of the fans questioned the authenticity of the ring. One user commented: “That’s a david Yurman ring (don’t think he was making rings when Elvis was alive).” Another replied: “Not even Elvis’s ring. Lmao! That shiz belongs to bam and so did the robe. Priscilla said she would never disrespect Elvis by giving his stuff away especially to somebody like bam. You got bamboozled bro. Lol!” One user said: “Take this down it’s embarrassing Priscilla issued a statement denying it that’s Bam’s ring he gave u.”

Yelawolf responded to them in an another Instagram post, where Gadsden, Alabama-born rapper and singer revealed a story of Bam confronting Eminem in Germany because he thought Slim Shady signed Yela to keep him down.

In the caption, Yelawolf writes: “All this talk about the Elvis ring gifted to me from Bam .. is it real , fake , stolen ? .. all that’s just making the ring more epic for me .. the one simple fact is my really good friend Bam gave me the ring as a sentiment and as a fan and that’s that .. and trust me it’s not the first time Bam’s done something insane for me .. like rushing Eminem’s Hotel room in Germany cause he thought Shady signing me was a conspiracy to keep me down hahaha .. ( he’s banned permanently from that town for that btw ) point is we got a long history of stunts and for the record, I think he’s a genius .. so look I understand why y’all are mad … But Me and ELVIS AINT !! The rings mine now it’s a wrap”

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