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Chuck D says what makes Eminem so powerful




Chuck D from legendary hip-hop group Public Enemy, has recently shared his opinion on Eminem, probably following the release of the “Realest” in which Eminem throws jabs at another hip-hop pioneer, Melle Mel.

“The thing that got me about Eminem was that he was better crashing on himself than those coming at him. Battle rapwise that completely took the air outta the match like a comedian killing himself on stage.” tweeted Chuck D.

Check D is saying that Eminem is better at critiquing himself than the people who try to diss him and that makes Eminem more powerful. You can’t hurt a men who hurts themselves. In other words, you can’t beat Eminem in a rap battle when he’s already made all of his weaknesses known. Like he did it in the final rap battle scene of 8 Mile against Papa Doc. Eminem doesn’t hide his flaws so nobody can say anything that people didn’t already know.  So Chuck D thinks ‘Be so hard on yourself that nothing can hurt you’ mentality makes him stronger.

One of the users commented: “I got respect for him but would he have made it so big without Dre?!” on which Chuck D replied: “Well Jason a lotta people flocked to the gangsta sides NOT because it was ‘better’ but more scarily authentic especially to young kids yes most black kids weren’t about that life either. … wanting a hipper edge they couldn’t ever be. Scared them into being‘ down’ from the outside imo . So full circle.”

You can check the tweet below: