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Ed Lover shows massive respect to Eminem following Dr. Umar comments




Iconic radio host, DJ and actor, Ed Lover has joined MC Shan, DJ Akademiks, Royce 5’9″, Denaun Porter, Swifty McVay and Kxng Crooked in resistance against Eminem slander, following Dr. Umar’s comments on the Joe Budden Podcast.

On Sunday, December 31, Ed Lover aired 2023’s final episode of his C’Mon Son! podcast. Over the hour-long segment, he took a moment to address the American activist, social media personality, school psychologist, and motivational speaker reducing Slim Shady’s legacy to “white supremacy.”

“Dr. Umar recently said that Eminem can’t be one of the greatest of all time because he’s not African- American. Dr. Umar please, please! First of all, the one thing I wanna know is, I think I need to google this, where did you get your doctorate? What makes you a doctor? And then, where did you come from and what makes you an authority on Hip-Hop?” said Ed Lover.

Then he continued: “Now, Eminem don’t need Dr. Umar to tell him he’s one of the greatest of all time because we’ve already have said it. Hip-Hop is for everybody. Hip-Hop might’ve been created by Black people, but the love of music, melodies and rhymes have spread all over this world. That’s like saying Big Pun can’t be one of the greatest of all time because he’s not African-American, ’cause he’s Puerto Rican; Fat Joe don’t deserve to be in Hip-Hop because he’s not African-American. You weren’t there, Dr. Umar, respectively. You were not there. I was not even there at the very very beginning of hip-hop. I was not there with Doug E. Fresh and Kool Moe Dee and the Crash Crew and Grandmaster Caz and Sha-Rock. I was not there! I was not there…”

“I got on it in ’89, I got on right after the greatest year of hop-hop albums dropping which was ’88. I got on it in ’89 and I was able to show those videos and help spread the gospel of hip-hop around the world. I’m highly respected in hip-hop. Way more than you Dr. Umar. So, who are you to be saying something like that about Eminem. Who are you to be talking about Eminem can’t be a GOAT. That really f–king bother me cause Eminem is not only a dope a– MC, I consider Eminem a friend and I know how hard he worked to become a dope MC that he is. Did y’all know that Loud Records passed on Eminem? They said, when they heard the demo tape, he was just rhyming. Anybody has the right to become one of the greatest of all time. Black people didn’t invent basketball, like, c’mon son, f–k outta here. Yeah, that s–t is crazy, man.” Ed Lover added.

You can listen to the podcast below: