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The D.O.C. shares his emotions when he heard Eminem rapping his lyrics




The D.O.C. has recently sat down on VLAD TV where the legendary hip-hop artist shared his emotions when he heard Eminem rapping his lyrics from THE DOC documentary.

“I knew, at the moment of shooting, we were making gold, I knew that. I could feel it. Again, to his credit, Em is such a genuine human being and a genuine fan of this art form. It’s not his fault, he’s great! Does not matter what color you are! It’s not his fault. He has that gift to be able to take those cadences, some of mine are here and there too. And just to work them that way. That’s his gift.” said The D.O.C.

Then he continued: “His subject matter allowed him to reach into areas that an average copper colored artists could not. Just by virtue of it, who he is and where he came from. But that does not take away from the skills set. And he had Dre, which is another cheat code. Those two guys together…And Dre plus anybody is 75% over and done just by virtue of this guy sitting behind this SSL for you.”

“It was a moment it time that will live forever bro. I know that. I know when I’m dead 50 years people gonna be watching that going, that’s pretty cool. That’s what if felt like in a moment and I know it allowed Eminem to give love to his guy cause I’ve always been that to him. He always says stuff like ‘I get nervous around you’ and I’m thinking to myself ‘Mothef–ker! Do you know who you are?! Now I’m nervous. Now I’m sweating cause you done said that!’ But it’s just a mutual love and respect of two men who really love the art because it did for me everything that it did for him. And we both realize and recognize that. And like I said, it’s a moment in time that’s gonna live forever and I’m grateful for that moment.” – The D.O.C. added.

You can watch the interview below: