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Ez Mil talks how Eminem found out about him, meeting Eminem for the first time & how “Realest” came about




Ez Mil has recently sat down on RX931’s All Out show where he talked about meeting Eminem and Dr. Dre for the first time, how Eminem found out about him and how “Realest” joint came about.

“We were all minding our businesses and then suddenly we get hit with this message from our people that there’s gonna be a secret meeting. I had already made the beat for “Realest” by myself and it kinda had first verse and a hook little bit and that was even before we knew it was them! It was Em and Dre. I was trying to contain myself. Even keeping it in secret you know?!” said Ez Mil

Then he continued: “And then you get hit with the info that you gonna be meeting Em and Dre. Then we went to LA and meeting them, it was the whole trip man. Even going through the lobby, Dre was sitting right there, Em was inside the studio. I was peeking through the door, my girl and my mama we all went in. Then Dre stood up with his huge self and he was like ‘hey superstar’ and I was like ‘what the heck! what the hell you talking about?!’ I shook his hand and when I saw Em I almost fainted. Thank god I stood up and kept it firm. He stood up and said ‘Ezekiel, where have you been for the last twenty years? Alright, you were 4.'”

“And then they were talking about how they really messed with ‘Up Down’,  they heard that, and the story of that goes like, they said that Em was just going through Wormhole and Paul said that he found ‘Up Down’ and they really f–ked with it.”

“Right at that point when Eminem stood up there and I asked him straight up ‘why you never went to Philippines bro?!’ And he was like ‘Never went? Oh, Okay.’ I was talking about ‘Not Afraid’ cause when I went to high school we thought he was rapping ‘Philippines, It’s gassed up’ instead of ‘feed it beans, It’s gassed up’ and he was laughing bro! I made Eminem laugh!”

“About the collaboration, like I said, I had already made the beat and some vocals. And right there at the studio, I played it for them. And Dre was like [nodding head] and right after the beat was playing, he was like ‘yup, Marshall gonna eat that up.’ And Em was at the back like ‘yup! give it to me!’ Straight like that.” – Ez Mil added.

Watch the entire interview below: