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Salma Hayek talks how shocking meeting Eminem at the Oscars was



During The Kelly Clarkson Show, Salma Hayek revealed she coped with her anxiety by singing Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” before going on stage. She thought she was losing it herself, though, when she bumped into Eminem backstage at The Oscars before presenting an award. Salma dishes on the encounter, and how she was so excited to see him that she accidentally sprayed Eminem with water.

“I have a song that I put in my head that helps me get through hard times which is Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” You heard that song and you can do anything. I was presenting at the Oscars. This day I was extra nervous cause I hadn’t slept, I was jet lagged, I was feeling shaky. And this one time I was drinking water cause my mouth immediately goes dry. So I’m walking and in my head I was thinking about ‘Lose Yourself’. I’m singing the song in my head. I’m drinking the water and then I go like ‘wait a minute! Have I lost it?!’ I go to the person ‘Is Lose Yourself playing right now?!’ Because I heard it like in a stereo. Eminem was not announced that he was gonna be on the Oscars. As I was ready to come out he was on stage playing Lose Yourself.”

“I’m so nervous cause it’s me and him all of a sudden. It was really scary. I was embarrassed. At this moment I’m more nervous and he comes out exactly on the side that I’m in. I was like ‘I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!’ I spit the water out. I was drunk and I was screaming ‘I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!’ And then I see he is in shock with water all over him. Then I was like ‘I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY!’ They were like ‘Go, go’ and I was like ‘SOMEBODY TAKE THE PICTURE!’ They took a picture and then I left.


The next day I went home and I said ‘Oh my God, my hero thinks I’m a freak.’ Next morning Eminem said he enjoyed the Oscars cause he got to meet Salma Hayek!” said Salma Hayek.

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