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B.o.B. recalls Eminem’s reaction when he heard André 3000’s verse on “Play The Guitar”




B.o.B has recently sat down with B High Atl where he revealed Eminem’s reaction when he played him “Play The Guitar” with André 3000.

“I remember when I was in the studio with Eminem. I played Eminem “Play The Guitar” and I remember Em being like ‘s**t, you just never know where he (André 3000) gonna land at.” said B.o.B.

Then he continues: “I know what he meant when he said that because, first of all, you gotta put this in perspective that I grew up listening to Eminem. This ni**a was that ni**a! And I was watching him listen to André 3000 verse on my song and he was like ‘you never know where he’s gonna land with the  flow’ and I’m just like ‘yo this is wild to me.’ The way Andre approaches verses…He’s like a storytelling journalist.”

You can watch the interview below: