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50 Cent

50 Cent reveals he’s working on “8 Mile” TV series with Eminem involved




Couple of days ago, TMZ caught up with the “8 Mile” star Mekhi Phifer where the Hollywood star turned down the possibility of Eminem shooting “8 Mile 2” movie but it seems 50 Cent is already working on the 8 Mile TV Series about Eminem’s legendary career.

“Second part? Sometimes it’s best to leave at one. Sometimes it’s best to leave it alone, once you make a classic, there is no reason to fool around with it. There has not been any conversations about it and it might never happen. Leave the classic alone and it will all be good. Just live with the 8 Mile. It might be interesting what happened next but the story that we told it was all good. I would not be in it. I’m sure Eminem would be in it either.” said Mekhi Phifer.

Today 50 Cent dropped by the neighborhood to speak with Big Boy about Black Mafia Family Season 2, touring 36 countries, and surpassing 1.8 billion views in 2022. He also discusses his Super Bowl performance with Dr. Dre and Eminem, his First Pitch for the Mets, and his hit song “In Da Club.” Plus, 50 Cent revealed Eminem turned down $9 million offer to perform at the FIFA World Cup 2022. He also revealed his plans to create an “8 Mile” TV show.

“I’m gonna bring his 8 Mile to television. And Em knows it. It’s gonna be big. I’m working on it. I ain’t got no does. I’m betting one hundred. It should be there for his legacy. It’s important to me that they understand it. It’s a modern version of Em, think about Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. Like a modern version of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I wanna be able to show and offer a lot more details. I’mma do Snoop Dogg story too.” said 50 Cent during the 40-minutes interview.

You can watch the interview below: