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Icewear Vezzo disagrees Royce 5’9″s interview about young rappers discrediting Eminem




Few days ago, Royce Da 5’9″ set down with TheHipHop Lab where he criticized young Detroit rappers’ attitude towards Eminem. Today, one of the hottest rappers in Detroit, Icewear Vezzo responded Royce in the same TheHipHop Lab interview.

“I never met Eminem. I don’t know what that ni**a look like. I never heard from him. I don’t know anyone who ever met him other than Big Sean and Royce. I don’t know anybody that he ever reached out to show any type of love to. This is what people gotta understand: For me, I don’t expect a ni**a to do nothing. I mean, he ain’t obligated to do nothing. We ain’t investing in that ni**a. We ain’t the reason he’s rich. You ain’t put that ni**a. He ain’t gotta do s**t. I f**k with Royce. Royce my big brother. I got love for Royce but I gotta disagree with him. He basically said that for ni**a to show love, you gotta be his favorite rapper. That’s what he said. Why would Eminem reach out and do s**t when we say our top five rappers from the city and we don’t mention him. So he gotta be one of our favorite rappers to show some type of love? I don’t think that makes sense. Because why would a ni**a lie? You want us to represent Detroit properly right? We don’t need no ni**as that’s capping. Ni**as should be able to be themselves. If a ni**a gonna show love do that because that’s what you feel like you need to do. For me personally, I would feel like I’m supposed to do that because this is my city. The city I represent. It would be only right from me to reach back out and tap in with young ni**as. I’ve done songs with almost every ni**a in Detroit and I ain’t as big as Eminem. And you think them ni**as told me I was their favorite rapper? F**k no.”

“I was not listening to Lose Yourself and this type of songs. I love my mama. I was not beefing with my mama. I don’t wanna kill my mama. My mama raised my. My mama’s black queen. She taught me what it is to be a man. She showed me how to treat other black women. How to treat women in general. I can’t relate to disliking my mother and I’m not saying Eminem is wrong for that. I just say I can’t relate to that. I was listening to the ni**as I could relate to. And no I don’t think Em owns us anything. He is not obligated to do anything. That’s his money. That’s his career. That ni**a’s a legend. One of the best lyricist of all time. Because we don’t listen to him, it don’t take away from his talent. That ni**as from Detroit. You can’t take that from him. He is really from this b**ch. He struggled in this motherf**ker. We ain’t taking away anything from him. He’s an amazing lyricist but he did not motivate us bro.”

“What Royce said, that literally means ‘in order for me to show you love, I need to be in your top five on interviews, f**k what you feel. And you if don’t, I can’t show you any type of love.’ I think Royce was mad at Em before. They had problems. They might have been for exact same reason as we are. So, I don’t think it’s fair from Royce to be in good spot with Em and not allow us to express our feelings. Because he’s in a good spot with him. You know me and every other ni**a that’s turnt right now, you know how many young ni**as we done motivated just DMing them? Like ‘hey bro I see you. Keep grinding. Keep shining. This could have been a ni**a that was about to give up. Thin ni**a was about to quit. He thought he could not rap. He thought nobody was listening to him. We was gonna get back to the streets, robbing and selling dope and popping ni**as. He was gonna do that but the ni**a that he admired told him don’t do that and you are doing the right thing. That’s all it took. So doing stuff for us does not mean physically. It just means motivating ni**as who need the motivation and might need a little push. Who other better to do it than a ni**a that’s statue, an icon?” – said Icewear Vezzo.

Watch the full thing below: