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Tom MacDonald shouts out Eminem on a new song “Naked”




Tom Macdonald continues to show his respect to Eminem.

The Canadian-rapper, who bought Eminem’s beat earlier this year through NFT, has released new song, titled “Naked” where he gives shout out to Eminem.

Can’t get clout? Don’t give no damns, I got plaques on plaques on plaques on plaques on plaques / I’m just doing what they can’t, uh / No cap, no cap, no cap, no cap, no cap, feel like I’m the rap god / No, that ain’t a diss on Eminem, he practically why I rap, dawg.” raps MacDonald.

Watch the music video below:

After buying Eminem’s beat, Tom Macdonald dropped the track titled “Dear Slim,” rapping over the Slim Shady produced track. Later, he also dropped a song titled “Eminem.” You can listen to them below: