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Mac Lethal says Eminem listened Tom MacDonald, cringed & turned it off instantly



Tom MacDonald / Eminem / Mac Lethal

Kansas City, Missouri-born rapper Mac Lethal has recently unleashed a disstrack to Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald, best known for buying Eminem’s NFT beat and releasing “Dear Slim,” paying homage to Detroit icon.

In the description of his YouTube video, Lethal explains: “Several years ago, a rapper by the name of Tom MacDonald made a couple disses about me. I responded with one, but honestly didn’t want to engage with him because I , simply put, don’t respect him as an artist. I honestly wanted nothing to do with it. I came up battling people like The Saurus and Illmaculate. Legitimate battle rap legends. A Canadian grifter who started rapping after he heard the Marshall Mathers LP, who has super cool Slipknot braids, and looks totally scary in his oversized contacts, is not my idea of a competitor. If you like his music, great. I don’t think it’s good, edgy, controversial, or cool. If you do, go listen to it!”

The continues: “We actually squashed it, DM’d, even followed each other. Talked a few times. We moved past it. Even though his fanbase of illiterate inbred meth-heads with missing teeth still incessantly harasses me, I was impressed by his candor and moved on with my life. He’s a nice guy… at least when you talk to him 1 on 1. Unfortunately a couple weeks ago he decided to randomly diss me on wax. Asserting that he “trampled me” when we battled, and even going as far as mentioning situations in my personal and professional life. I thought it was a bummer. Apparently he took my kindness when we battled as a weakness, and thinks I’m going to sit here quiet.”

“So here’s the first half of my response. The second half is much meaner. Btw, I’ve been moving around a lot and not super active on YouTube lately. I’ll get back to it soon y’all. Moving cities right now, and my pops is very sick. p.s. I don’t give a f–k about “relevancy.” He started this s–t.” – Mac Lethal added.

In the second verse of the song, Lethal raps:
I went on tour with D12, those dudes are my new friends
They showed me some video you made for Eminem
They told me they were in the studio with Slim when he watched it
He cringed, and he cut it off thirty seconds in
Eminem doesn’t like you, he does not respect you
You made a love song about him, beggin’ him to peg you
Have you noticed that publicly he’s never even mentioned it?
I’m sorry buddy, I know that’s not how you envisioned it
You thought he’d call you like, “Hey Tom, it’s Slim Shady
You’re so controversial, how are you this crazy?
You wanna make a song about how transgender men are pretend ladies
And all the lib’ ladies havin’ mixed babies?
And how the Mexican border is being invaded
By woke Palestinians causin’ inflation?
We’ll call it “White Boyz, Pt. 12,” it’ll be awful”
And the Grammy goes to Eminem and Tom MacDonald
I’m sorry that you didn’t get to do a song with your hero
At least you got to do a song with Ben Shapiro
The dude that censored Candace Owens’ views quick
And he tried to see rap music isn’t real music
And he tried to say that pu-sies aren’t supposed to get wet.