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Has Skylar Grey just hinted new song with Eminem?




Latest post by Skylar Grey has fans buzzing in the social media as long-time Eminem friend and collaborator posts new picture on Instagram, wearing a t-shirt with “I Love The Way You Lie” written on it.

In the caption, she writes: “Things are happening…” but that’s not the reason why fans got too excited. Skylar tagged Eminem and Rihanna on the picture that sparked rumors of them collaborating once again.

Fans think of three theories:

  • Some think there is a new song coming out as there is a supposedly new album cover in the screen in front of Skylar.
  • Others think it’s just Skylar showing love to Eminem and Rihanna by rocking the t-shirt of their biggest hit song from Recovery.
  • And few of them think Skylar Grey is releasing an album that includes her greatest hits, including “Love The Way You Lie,” “Coming Home,” “Walk On Water and “I Need A Doctor.”

The third theory is less possible to happen, as Skylar Grey has recently sold all her royalties to pay for divorce expenses and I’m not sure if she is allowed to record and album of her past-written songs.

First theory is possible. Whenever there is Skylar Grey or Eminem album coming out, we always see each other featured on their own albums and as Skylar recently revealed, Eminem was so supportive after her financial difficulties. She also hinted on something with Em last year.

Out of these three, the second theory looks to be the most realistic. Skylar Grey just showed love to Eminem and Rihanna with the t-shirt and and probably took the opportunity to poke the fans.

If there is a new song coming out, it would mark 11th song they have made together. You can check out the list of all Eminem and Skylar Grey songs below:

1. Skylar Grey – “Last One Standing,” ft. Polo G, Mozzy & Eminem (2021)

2. Eminem – “Black Magic,” ft. Skylar Grey (2020)

3. Eminem – “Leaving Heaven,” ft. Skylar Grey (2019)

4. Eminem – “Tragic Endings,” ft. Skylar Grey (2017)

5. Skylar Grey – “Kill For You,” ft. Eminem (2016)

6. Skylar Grey, Eminem & Yelawolf – “Twisted” (2014)

7. Eminem – “A–hole,” ft. Skylar Grey (2013)

8. Skylar Grey – “C’mon Let Me Ride,” ft. Eminem (2012)

9. Slaughterhouse – “Our House,” ft. Eminem & Skylar Grey (2012)

10. Dr. Dre – “I Need A Doctor,” ft. Eminem & Skylar Grey (2011)

Check out her post below:

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