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Wack 100 lashes out on Hebrew Israelites for accusing Eminem of “stealing black culture”



The Game’s manager and the CEO of 100 Entertainment Wack 100 has recently got into a heated argument on Clubhouse with Black Hebrew Israelites after they declared that they don’t respect Eminem because of being a ‘culture thief.’

During the conversation on Clubhouse, one up-and-coming artist said: “I don’t respect Eminem, because he’s a culture thief.” And then the other one said: “I never rock with Eminem and I never rock with Akon.

On that Wack 100 replied: “Eminem is legend ma ni–a. I f–k with Eminem. You know why I f–l with Eminem? You see what going on Megan Thee Stallion movement, you know what’s going on right? Nobody knew who she was and my brother put her on. She was out of her pocket. Soon as she got her part, she went on Roc Nation and she said ‘f–k the brother.’ Now I’m telling you why I f–k with Eminem. As big as he has gotten, as big as he is, he refuses to walk away from Dr. Dre’s contract, the man who believed in him. They been offering him hundreds of millions and he’s always like ‘I’m signed to Aftermath, talk to Dre.’ That’s why I respect that man. Every other ni–a in this business, when a ni–a believed in him, put them on, payed the rent, next day they were like ‘I wanna get away, f–k you.’ What Eminem does is called LOYALTY.”

“You are all racist organization praying on the bible. All you say, all this s–t is hypocritical.” – he added.

Then one of the artist said: “If we are talking about the greatest of all time Eminem should not be in that discussion. Even Snoop said that. Snoop said he’s a guest in this culture. He can not be the best. Eminem did not earn his numbers. That Slim Shady song would not be popping if he was black. No black person could rap about his mama like he raps about his mama and gets away with it. I ain’t saying Eminem is not good but didn’t The Game just did 10-minute diss song towards Eminem?”

Wack 100 replied: “That was for entertainment bro. We don’t wanna fight Eminem. We don’t wanna kill Eminem. And Game was actually paying a respect to Eminem on The Black Slim Shady track.”

You can watch the whole thing below: