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New Song: Bag Of Tricks Cat – “Count On That,” ft. Kuniva & Sincerely Collins




Kuniva of D12 jumps on a new track from Bag Of Tricks Cat, called “Count On That,” which also features Sincerely Collins.

In 2022 a native of Glendale, Arizona was signed to Whitney Peyton’s Alpha Howse label and “Count On That” is released under their management.

Some of the quotable lyrics from the song includes: “This ain’t a game, and you know your boy / Don’t care about your solider story / You all about glitz and glory / Ain’t really ’round when shit gets gory / I’ve been putting in work, it’s proven / Don’t care about how you’re moving / We all about stacking and building / Focused on winning, y’all steady losing / And you can’t stop the movement / Kuniva, he’s the truest…

Kuniva is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his “Lost Gold” album which will be available as a digital rerelease on September 22nd, 2022 with remastered tracks.

Meanwhile, you can bump the new track below: