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Knoc-turn’al talks about Eminem: “He had to work ten times harder than us cause he was white”




Knoc-turn’al, who was introduced to the world on Dr. Dre’s multiplatinum album 2001, has recently sat down Cam Capone News where he talked about Eminem and Dr. Dre.

Knoc shined on the songs “Some L.A. Ni–az” and “Bang Bang.” Knoc-turn’al also penned some of the verses for the 2001 album. Dr. Dre then featured Knoc-turn’al on the Dr. Dre classic single and video “Bad Intentions” for the movie soundtrack “The Wash.”

“Eminem has always been fire. He’s a good dude. He has been through a lot but he got it keep together. Eminem has always been a jokester fun dude to be around. You gotta understand he had to work ten times harder than African-American in this business because he’s white. So he had to work harder than us. He had to prove himself. And people don’t understand that point.” said Knoc-turn’al in a new interview.

Then he continues: “Crazy thing is that, Eminem is die-hard, true person. If he cares about you he cares about you. If he don’t, he don’t. Even on The Chronic, 2001 tour, Eminem taking all the b–ches and I can’t even get one. All I am is that I’m on Dr. Dre’s album. I was like ‘give me ne of them dolls’ while he was on stage and he said ‘I think you already stole couple of them.’ Being around him is a fun. He’s a jokester but you gotta get to know people to understand the pain and different things they have been through.”

“I came at the time when Xzibit, Eminem, Hittman, Mel-Man had been around and we had fun.” – Knoc-turn’al added.

Then he continues talking about some of his favorite stories when touring with Dr. Dre. You can watch the interview below: