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Tom MacDonald talks his favorite Eminem songs




Last year, Tom MacDonald did a livestream on Facebook where the Canadian rapper answered questions from the fans. One of the users asked what was his favorite Eminem song. Here is what he replied.

“Damn…My favorite Eminem song?! Jeez, what is my favorite Eminem song? It’s gotta be something old. It’s gotta be off of either The Marshall Mathers LP or The Eminem Show. Cause I kinda fell off after The Eminem Show, when Encore dropped. I listened to Encore but I was kinda like weirded out by the direction things were going in so Encore was definitely last Eminem album I listened to.” said Tom MacDonald.

Then he continued: “I hear all the s–t he drops now obviously. It’s all over the online and I’m interested in it and I listen to it but the last time I religiously listened to that guy was like many many many many years ago and that was The Marshall Mathers LP or The Eminem Show so my favorite song gotta be from one of those albums. Both albums are f–king incredible. Every song on those albums are f–king 10 out of 10 pretty much. So, I don’t know, pick whatever your favorite song is off The Marshall Mathers LP or The Eminem Show and I’ll roll with you on that me too.”

“People love asking about Eminem. People love it.” Tom MacDonald added.

You can watch the video below: