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Eminem earns his first ever No.1 song on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart




Last month DJ Khaled released star-studded new album “God Did” which includes a song “Use This Gospel (Remix)” with Kanye West and Eminem, produced by one and only Dr. Dre. As Ye previously said, the song is his daughter’s all time favorite song.

In an interview with Lowe, Khaled revealed how the remix ended up on the album. He stated that Ye had played him Jesus Is King Part II in full a year and half prior, calling it “incredible”. Even though West and Khaled had recorded a couple of tracks for God Did, they were never finished due to the rapper’s schedule. As part of a “last minute magic gift”, Khaled asked West if he could include the remix on God Did since it perfectly fit the album’s theme. According to Khaled, West loved the idea, which he joked “You know Ye don’t love no idea”. Before confirming the inclusion, West insisted on contacting both Dr. Dre and Eminem for their approval.

Musically, the remix is a gospel track, with rock undertones. The song is reminiscent of Slim Shady’s early 2000s work, though it features heavier drums. Em performs a fast pace Christian rap verse on the remix, replacing Clipse’s appearance on the original track. His verse is succeeded by a dubstep outro, contributed by Dr. Dre.

In the song, The Detroit legend expresses uncertainty about holding on, detailing combatting addiction and temptation while he has raised his daughters. Em also compares his controversies to West’s, places his faith in “the Father”, and thanks Jesus, concluding with: “Praises to Jesus, I will always.”

The song debuted at No. 1 on US Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart, giving Eminem his first ever chart-topper in this category.