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8 times Dj Khaled asked Eminem for collaboration




Lil Wayne is releasing the third instalment of his ‘No Ceilings’ mixtape series tomorrow, exclusively hosted by DJ Khaled and today is the born day of Khaled. So we will be hearing lots of ‘another one’ today. Including on Southpawers.

The most popular DJ in the universe has previously worked with countless superstars and the only unachievable feature seems to be Eminem. Dj Khaled has been asking for Eminem feature for like a decade now but the collaboration has never happened.

1. Interview with Rap-Up (2017).

“I wanna work with Eminem. I wanna work with Dr. Dre. I’ve reached out Eminem’s camp before but I didn’t really reached out with the record. I started conversations. Now when I get the right record I’m gonna present it to him. I always tell everybody on every camera that I want to work with Eminem. Hopefully I can get into studio with him. Eminem and Adele would be crazy.”

2. Interview on Hot 97 (2011).

“I wanted Eminem on my album. I’m a fan of him but he doesn’t know me like that. I really want to make it happen. I think it will happen. I worked with Jay Z before. I worked with Kanye West before. I want to reach out Eminem. I want to work with him. I actually have a track ready, waiting.”

3. Interview on BET Awards (2017).

“I’ve always wanted to work with Eminem. I’m just looking for right time and right record before I really step to him and present. I’mma reach out to him. Hopefully soon. Shout out to Dr. Dre as well.”

4. Interview with Larry King (2014).

“I’ve been trying to collaborate with Eminem for a long time. Anybody out there can help me? I’m absolutely ready.”

5. Interview with Billboard (2017).

“This is Billboard so this is gong to go everywhere. So to answer that question. I wanna work with Dr. Dre. I wanna work with Eminem. I’ve been working hard to present him the anthem idea.”

6. DJ Khaled on his Instagram (2016).

“It’s official. I got my Eminem Jordans. I have not got a verse yet but I got my Eminem Jordans!”

7. DJ Khaled with Snoop Dogg (2016).

“I would love to work with Eminem. I’ve been trying to reach out for a while. So Em, I’m still big fan and I’m ready. I just want to take you to my world real quick.”

8. Interview with Billboard (2018).

“I finally met Eminem the other day at the iHeart Music Awards. I didn’t really get a chance to talk to him. I talked to him on the camera, but I’m sure he’s getting the kites, and the next step I think is for me to deliver something that he’ll love to get on. I’m friends with his manager and I’m going to reach out to him and I’m going to send him something. Hopefully, he’ll like to get on it. I just want to make sure when I send it, it’s the one. Throughout the years, I’ve been telling you I’ve been trying to get him on records. I had the ones, but now, I’m working on the new album, so I want to create the new one. Hopefully, he’s willing to work and again, I’m a big fan. He’s somebody that I haven’t worked with yet, and I would love to pull it off.” Read full interview here.