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Joell Ortiz answers fan questions about Slaughterhouse, Eminem & more




Slaughterhouse’s Joell Ortiz, who has released H.A.R.D. joint album with Kxng Crooked this year, did the question and answer session on Twitter. And of course fans asked questions about Eminem too. Check out some of the highlights below:

Q1: Do you miss touring and hanging with slaughterhouse as a whole group not just you and Kxng Crooked?
Joell Ortiz: Absolutely! One thing you all may not know is that every single member of Slaughterhouse is funny as f**K. Man, those tours were epic! You had to be there.

Q2: When some new heat coming man. I’m talking slaughterhouse nasty Joell?
Ortiz: 2021.

Q3: Favorite Glass House joint? Also, a song that you love which you wish you made.
Ortiz: I’d tell you my favorite Glass House joint, but I’d like to keep hope alive that you just may hear it one day yourself. And I love Tupac’s “Keep Ya Head Up”. Timeless classic.

Q4: What do you think about Griselda?
Ortiz: TOUGH.

Q5: A collaboration you did that had you like “wtf I’m doing a record with this person?!”
Ortiz: Probably some of the early Slaughterhouse records with Eminem.

Q6: Would you trade Glass House album for a PS5?
Ortiz: [Laughs] Nah, but a Slaughterhouse PS5 game would be fire.

Q7: What’s your dream collaboration?
Ortiz: Jay Z.

Q8: You have any plans on working with any of the Griselda members?
Ortiz: For sure. 100 percent.

Q9: Some of your favorite albums of the year besides you and Crook’s project?
Ortiz: Nas’ “King Disease” is fire!

Q10: Who’s your favorite West Coast rapper, past or present?
Ortiz: Besides Crook, 2 Pac.

Q11: What’s the most intimidated you have been in the booth?
Ortiz: Never been intimidated in there. But being around Slaughterhouse and Eminem was definitely inspiring.

Q12: Who made you wanna rap? Who were you listening to coming up in NY. I’d like to dig in the crates of older music that helped mold the artists I like to listen to.
Ortiz: Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Jay Z, Notorious B.I.G, Nas, The Lox and more!