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Kxng Crooked sparks hope for new Eminem album



Kxng Crooked / Eminem

Eminem has been quiet for more than 4 years now. We are eagerly waiting for every Friday but when the clock hits 00:00 and we check the Spotify or Eminem’s social media accounts, there is nothing else but the dead silence. Oh, we sometimes see a new merch though…We put out our heads like an ostrich from a sand every time we see an Eminem-related rustle on social media and this article is a perfect example for it.

Kxng Crooked has recently interacted with fans on X (formerly Twitter). One of the users asked the West Coast rapper: “@CrookedIntriago do you know if eminems dropping soon seems you may know something.” On which, Crooked replied: “Of course I know something.” Someone responded: “Interesting. Crook ain’t type to falsely get us hyped up by a comment like that. Something happening soon?” Another said: “You being sarcastic?” On that Crook replied: “Uh oh” with eyes open wide emojis.

Later, Kxng Crooked recorded an audio specifically for the Stans, saying: “I know what y’all Stans be up to man. Just letting y’all know. Y’all come over here and not even say ‘what’s up.’ You don’t even say ‘hey, how you doing Crook?’ Y’all be like, ‘WHEN IS EM DROPPING?! Is he retired?’ [Laughs]. It’s all good. I be tripping off that s–t. Em is my guy and I’m happy that he has you guys in his corner. And that’s the real. But I got some pet Meerkats and Lemurs and they dying and y’all be like ‘DAMN, THAT’S F–KED UP, WHEN IS EM DROPPING?’ [Laughs].