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GRIP freestyles over Peezy’s “2 Million Up”




In October, 2022, GRIP dropped a mixtape called “5 & A F*** You,” the follow-up project of his Shady Records debut album, titled “I Died For This?!,” which featured guest appearances from AHYES, Marco Plus, Wara and Tate228.

The East-Atlanta rapper originally intended to record an EP in a week, but instead ended up extending the project to mixtape length, letting it run its proper course. You can feel the emotion in his voice when he raps: “The day Em spit me my lyrics, I knew I really made it / To have him and Royce on my album, that shit feel amazin’/ ‘Cause they giants in my eyes, residin’ where I aim to be / Remember buyin’ they CD and now they give me game for free.”

After “Cook Up” and “The F Word,” GRIP has recently dropped the music video of “94 Flow,” featuring AHYES. The song is produced by Latrell James and its chorus references to A Tribe Called Quest song, titled “Oh My God.”

Today, GRIP is back again with The Radar Freestyle, spitting over Peezy’s “2 Million Up” instrumental. You can watch it below:

In the original song, the Detroit’s own Peezy references Eminem with the following lines: “Hit your house party, f–_ it up, we misbehavin’ / Gotta keep an eye on my n–_a Slim cause he Shady.” You can watch the video below: