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The D.O.C. shares his thoughts on Eminem VS Melle Mel situation




Eminem made his musical comeback in 2023 by contributing his first verse of the year to the new song “Realest,” which was produced by Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment, and Interscope Records’ newest signee Ez Mil. Slim Shady’s verse is getting attention since he jabbed Melle Mel and other critics in it.

The Detroit legend took aim at hip-hop pioneer Melle Mel, who recently stated that Eminem is only top 5 because he’s white. “But when they say that I’m only top five / ‘Cause I’m white, why would I be stunned? / My skin color still workin’ against me / ‘Cause second I should be to none / Being white ain’t why they put me at top five / It’s why they can’t put me at one,” Em raps.

“Shout to the Furious Five and Grandmaster Flash, but, boy / This someone who really is furious, stay out his path, his wrath, avoid / And I’ll be the last to toy with a juice-head whose brain is like half destroyed / Like a meteor hit it / Well, there went Melle Mel, we lost his a-s to ‘roids,” he raps in another bar.

After Kxng Crooked, The D.O.C. also gives his opinion on the situation. “There is no any of us without Mel, but I think Mel was voicing his opinion and he’s a gladiator in this sport as well. So, he should have known if he thought the little kid was going to be afraid of him, you can only push the little guy around so long before he feels like he’s in a corner and got to do something. I think Eminem did what he thought he was supposed to do and I stand by Em and what he did.” The D.O.C. told to AllHipHop.

Then he continued: “I don’t know whether Melle Mel took s–t, that’s not my concern. They writing raps. I look forward to Melle Mel and seeing what he got to say after that. Maybe that’ll bring Mel back to the forefront in a way where he can get in and get his point across.”