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Kxng Crooked gives his honest opinion on Eminem VS Melle Mel




KXNG Crooked stops by On The Line Podcast and shares his thoughts on the Eminem and Melle Mel back and forth.

“At first I was like…Melle like to get on all these different podcasts and talk s–t. It was funny to me cause he’d be like ‘man, this motherf–ker would be easy to destroy. That motherf–ker ain’t s–t.’ I was like ‘okay, that’s just Melle Mel.’ Melle Mel wrote ‘The Message.’ His name, his contributions are in concrete when it comes to hip-hop. He’s forever in the books . You can’t move that.” said Kxng Crooked.

Then he continued: “I was talking to Eminem’s fans, they hit me up on Twitter sometimes and they talk to me and one of them was talking about Melle Mel, he just made a big mistake, he’s about to disgrace hip-hop. I’m like ‘ are you crazy?’ That will never happen. I don’t care what kind of song my homeboy Marshall Mathers made. Melle is in concrete, His legacy is straight. With that being said, I knew that there was not really a way that he could outclass Eminem lyrically. Not at this point of time. Em is one of the greatest wordsmiths to ever put words together into every rap. I already knew that was not gonna happen.”

“When we talking about technical tools, the writing tools, metaphors, punchlines, cadences, syllable rhyming, all these different tools that’s in the writer’s box, Eminem has commanded great craftsmanship over the tools in the MC’s box. He has downloaded the art of rhyming. And he represents that. Melle is a pioneer who did the same thing in his day and I would even say it was harder for Melle to get where he was at because his was an original thought. He didn’t have nobody to build off. Em came just straight from him. We all got him to look at and say ‘alright, that’s how you did your sixth floor now I know I could do mine better cause I see how you did yours.’ We could build off of that.”

“Melle Mel issued an apology. I thought that was a classy move. He made a diss song and that diss song didn’t have the impact that he wanted to. So he came back and apologized and he said ‘iT’s 50 years of hip-hop, I was wrong to come at him like that. he has real fans. I’ve always said that he’s dope’ and bla bla bla. And I just felt like, that part, that competitive MC in me, I don’t want to see Melle Mel apologize. You said what you said!” Kxng Crooked added.

You can watch the full thing below: