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DJ Whoo Kid says Michael Jackson still respected Eminem even after “Just Lose It” video




Michael Jackson’s son Prince Jackson has recently sat down with DJ Whoo Kid and Mike Tyson on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson and when the conversation got to Eminem, Whoo Kid recalled the phone call with Michael Jackson where they talked about Slim Shady.

“I actually put 50 Cent together with Michael Jackson when I was in Bahrain. He was shooting a movie in Morocco with some Army movie so I knew he was on that side of the world. I really got him upset. He was pissed off. I have Mike the phone and I said ‘yo, 50, I found your lost brother.’ He was like ‘the f–k you talking about ni–ga. I f–k you up man.'” said Whoo Kid.

Then he continued: “The fact that he messes with Eminem, cause, you know, Eminem did the videos mocking him and stuff like that, so I didn’t really wanted to let him know I work with Eminem cause I thought he was gonna kill me and stuff. But he really respected the fact that…That’s when Eminem retired, so the first thing he said ‘yo, what’s up with this retirement with Eminem? He really retired?’ I was like, ‘yah, he retired. He’s out.’ But he’s like, really respected him.”

You can watch the segment below: