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Tony Yayo reveals what it meant for him when Eminem wore “Free Yayo” shirt at Grammys




Tony Yayo has recently joined Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson and DJ Whoo Kid to discuss his early beginnings, growing up with 50 Cent, being in G-Unit, what it was like growing up and more. The South Jamaica, New York-born rapper also revealed that Eminem wearing “Free Yayo” shirt at the 2003 Grammy awards ceremony was one of the greatest moments in his career.

“That was my biggest moment in hip-hop. Shout out to me, for me.” Tony Yayo replied when Whoo Kid asked what it meant for him when Eminem wore that t-shirt.

Last year, during the interview with VLAD TV, Yayo talked vastly about the same topic: “Eminem has always helped me in my career. He’s on my first album. He wore a Free Yayo shirt at the Grammys. So, I’m always gonna show him respect and love and salute him.”

“Nobody every did anything in my career besides Eminem and 50 Cent. And I always say, him doing Free Yayo while I was in jail, I only had to do about two years and they kept my name alive. They started putting my name in the videos and Free Yayo shirt was selling. I’m always gonna salute him…Being attached to Eminem was the best deal, without Eminem and Dr. Dre we would not have that much of a success.”

You can watch Tony Yayo’s recent appearance on Mike Tyson Hotboxin’ below: