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Hailie recalls sweet memory about her dad Eminem on “Just A Little Shady” podcast




Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers, has launched new podcast, and the title references no one but Eminem, Just a Little Shady.

Hailie announced the new show earlier this week. The podcast is co-hosted by Mathers and her childhood friend, Brittany Ednie.

In the first episode, the two talked about elephant in the room, tour buses and traveling as a kid, fourth of July mishaps, risking her life for a dog, becoming gentleminions, and bandwagoning “Stranger Things” TV series.

They also recalled some of the sweet memories from the elementary school. “When we went to Disney, that was so fun. I always think about that time. My dad was working on something, he was working all the time but he set up for us to do like the limousine and take it to Disney and we did like the princess party and he had the dresses waiting for us. We were so happy and excited.” said Hailie.

Then Ednie continues: “We loved going to Pistons games. I think Eminem also loved it and that’s why we loved it.”

You can watch the podcast below: