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Kim Mathers gives update on her relationship with Eminem, reveals whether she will attend Hailie’s wedding




Kim Mathers, Eminem’s ex-wife, has provided an update on their marriage and stated whether or not she plans to attend their daughter Hailie Jade’s wedding.

Despite having a rocky history together, Kim has stated that the two are now “on good terms,” and they will be reuniting during Hailie’s wedding to her longtime boyfriend Evan McClintock.

“Yes, of course,” Kim replied in response to the question if she was going to attend Hailie’s wedding, with the public figure also adding that she is close to all of her children. When asked how often she saw her ex Eminem, she said: “Not often, but often enough!”

Speaking to The Sun, she also joked that her other daughter Alaina Scott’s Gatsby-themed wedding to Matt Moeller in Detroit, Michigan in June was “extravagant”.