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Hailie shares her emotions when she saw Eminem & 50 Cent on stage in Detroit




In her latest episode of “just a tittle shady” podcast, Hailie talked about the night Eminem came out as a surprise guest at 50 Cent’s show in Detroit.

“I was thriving because I had a little Sunday fun-day. So, we went to 50 Cent’s concert and I was so freaking happy. I have not seen him perform since like, I seriously think it was like 6tth grade. It’s been so long. First of all, I was so happy because there’s so many bangers that I feel everybody just forgets about. There’s the club songs but then there is so many play that you are like ‘holy s–t’.” said Hailie.

Then she continued: “And, what I was saying Evan too, the actual production that was the entire show, I have never seen that level of production. I mean, pyro, confetti cannons…There was a point, there was one song where pyro went off the entire song. And I was like, this is sick! I was not disappointed. And also, dad came out. It’s funny because, when he came out the Ed Sheeran thing, we knew before but this time I found out right before but still no matter what, I still get so hype cause I could see the crowd being so happy.”

“And actually it was funny because there was this guy in front of us. He was originally in our seats and he was not supposed to be there. So, he just climbed over in the seats in front of us. He was living his best life the entire time. Thankfully, nobody came to those seats so he didn’t kicked out. I was like ‘yes, you deserve to be right there. And Pine Knob was the most crowded and most hectic I have seen, ever. It was insane. That was one of the best Sundays in a long time.

“That’s why I was shocked too, because so many people were there on Sunday. I was not sure what’s going to be the vibe. Is everyone gonna be relaxed? No! Not a single person relaxed. It was a lot of fun.” she added.

You can watch the episode below: