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Hailie dances with Eminem at her wedding




Yesterday, Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade Scott, married her fiancé Evan McClintock in Battle Creek, Michigan. As TMZ reports, the ceremony was modestly sized with close friends and family.

Of course, that meant Papa Bear himself was also there and TMZ got some awesome shots that show him soaking in Hailie’s big day, with the two of them sharing a dance!

As you can see, Slim Shady was suited and booted as he led Hailie, who looked absolutely beautiful in her bridal gown, on the dance floor, with a ton of people looking on. Hailie was flashing a big smile and Eminem was true to his name, rockin’ classic sunglasses.

Another photo shows Em posing next to Hailie and Evan together at the wedding venue, Greencrest Manor and everybody is radiating, especially, Hailie, who’s in all-white… It’s certainly a happy ending for Hailie and Evan who’ve been together as a couple since 2016 and who got engaged last February, with some fantastic shots capturing the moment.

Hailie, who’s 28 now, and a successful podcaster/social media influencer, has been the apple of Eminem’s eye for many years, having been name-dropped in countless songs of his, with Em making it known that he’s a protective dad and would do anything for her.

We know Em’s proud of Hailie and her life path and obviously, since he was there for the wedding, we know he approves of Evan as a hubby for his kid. Now, he’s got a son-in-law. Pretty crazy to think she’s all grown up and off to start her own family. Things really do come full circle — and Em clearly meant what he said when he rapped about getting her anything she wanted. Indeed, it’s Hailie’s Song, only here — it’s “Here Comes the Bride.”

Check out the pictures and videos. Reportedly, 50 Cent was also present at wedding. [STAY TUNED WE ARE UPATING ARTICLE WITH MORE PICTURES AND VIDEOS]


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