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Benzino says Michael Jackson thanked him for standing tall against Eminem




In the latest episode of The GAUDS Show, Ray Daniels and Tamira Smith at down with Benzino where they dive into Benzino’s journey in creating The Source magazine, and the controversies that came along with it.

He also opens up about his experiences as a father and reflects on the lessons he learned through his relationships with women, including his time on reality TV. Zino also recalled some history with Eminem.

“First of all, I didn’t listen to that [Eminem] type of rap. That just was not my type of rap. He can rap. Eminem is a talented, skillful rapper but that’s not my type. The beauty of hip-hop is that we have so many different types of artists and I can listen to what the f–k I want to listen to. Everyone has their own top ten lists. If Eminem is on your top, god bless you, I respect that.” said Benzino.

Then he continues: “Let me tell you something. I was in Miami and Michael Jackson called me and thanked me, because when Eminem dissed him with fire situation in the video, I sat there and I listened to him. He thanked me and then he started talking about Tommy Mottola. That was one of the greatest moments in my life. Mike was not saying all white people are bad, we are not saying that. Not all of them are devils. Michael was referring to the situation in the music industry. He actually thanked me, because I kinda upheld, stood tall against him.”

“It was not a rap beef against Eminem. I wasn’t a decent rapper. I had decent songs but I was doing whole bunch of other things. I was a pretty good producer too. I produced Nas’ double platinum Stillmatic album, the very first song. Eminem came out and he just got different treatment than any every other black rapper. And I just didn’t appreciate that. So, when everybody was scared to say something, I was the only one who didn’t. And everything I said was true. I said that black people got hip-hop and we got white people to finally buy into us. And now they want to give the white people back somebody that they can buy into. And 200 years from now, when they pull up the history, and search who was the best one, there comes Eminem.” Benzino added.

You can watch the interview below: