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Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre reveals two biggest collaborations he turned down




During a recent appearance on Kevin Hart’s Peacock show “Hart To Heart,” Dr. Dre revealed that some of the biggest and most gifted artists of all time Prince and Michael Jackson approached him for collaboration but refused to work with them both. Check out the conversation below.

Kevin Hart: Who did you have the opportunity to work with that you was like ‘Naw, I didn’t’ that you regret and that you should have worked with? But I don’t wanna throw you story off.

Dr. Dre: Nah, but yeah. That’s a good segway. Prince, Michael Jackson. [I bowed out from working with them] They just asked me to work with them and I was just like ‘What the f–k am I going to do with them?!’ That happened. What the f–k am I going to do in the studio with them? Those are my f–king heroes. Man, you know.

Kevin Hart: YOU ARE DR. DRE!

Elsewhere in the interview, Dr. Dre revealed why he calls Kendrick Lamar “Forever Artist” and Eminem being the only artist that he ever liked when he heard a demo tape.

You can watch the Michael Jackson and Prince segment below: