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No Limit Larry reveals Jay-Z’s reaction after he told him Eminem outrapped him on “Renegade”




Radio host, author and motivational speaker No Limit Larry has recently done an interview on Chezzy Boy TV where he talked about meeting Jay-Z when he had recently done “Renegade” song with Eminem.

“Next time I met Jay-Z, it’s when he did a song with Eminem. Before it had dropped, Nate had it bootlegged, the CD, before it dropped. So I had listened to it. So, I’m in office, going for Nate, ‘Ayo man, Jay got killed! Em killed that ni–a on the song. He killed him on Renegade!’ I don’t know that Jay-Z is coming to the station three days later. Nate knew he was coming.” said No Limit Larry

Then he continued: “So three days later, Jay comes to the station, so I don’t forgot all the s–t that I talked about Jay-Z and Eminem. So we get an interview and I still got that interview on the tape. So, Nate gets an interview, we talking, so he looked at me and then looked at Jay-Z, I’m like, ‘what this ni–a about to do?!’ He was like ‘hey Larry, tell Jay-Z what you said about him!’ I’m like ‘Huh? I ain’t said nothing about Jay-Z! What you talking about?’ He was like ‘Nah, tell him what you said about the song!’ I’m like ‘Oh, okay! okay!’ So, Jay-Z looking at me like ‘what you say about the song?’ I said ‘bro, all I said was Em outflowed you on a song.’ He laughed and was like ‘that’s how you feel? I think you need to listen to it again!’ I’m like ‘alright! but he outflowed you!'”

“Fast forward, two weeks later, me and Nate go to an award show. We go to the Billboard Music Awards, its in Vegas. I’m walking in that long a– hallway, I see twenty people walking, black guys, I pay no attention. So, as I’m walking slow I see the crowed they walking towards me. True story. The crowd spreads and Jay-Z walks out the crowd. He said, you still think Em outflowed me on a song? I look at them ni–as and I’m like ‘nah bro you got it!’ I got on the elevator and got out of there.” No Limit Larry added.

You can watch the interview below: