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Busta Rhymes names Top 5 Greatest Rappers Ever, includes Eminem




Last month, Busta Rhymes returned with a new studio album, Blockbusta. The LP arrived as his eleventh project overall and the first full-length collection of music since 2020’s Extinction Level Event 2.

To promote the album, the East Flatbush, New York-born hip-hop legend has done an interview on Amazon Music’s +44 Podcast with Sideman and Zeze Millz where he revealed his list of top five greatest rappers of all time.

“Greatest rapper ever? I don’t think I have one. I could say five. Rakim. Some might disagree with me but Nas. I would say Eminem. I’m starting to feel like there some new guys that are starting to go into that list to me. I’m almost there with J. Cole but I’m still torn between him and Kendrick. I’m talking about only bars! If Kendrick was to get active in the same way that Cole is being active, it would be a way different conversation but again, I’m torn between Cole and Kendrick, but it would be one of them two.” said Busta Rhymes.

Then he continued: “I still didn’t put none of them two in the fourth place. I was just saying that it was gonna be a new guy cause they are really starting to really earn their right to passage and to be in the top 5 greatest of all time to me. I would definitely say JAY-Z. I’m Biggie bias. I’m Biggie bias because I think what he has done between two albums everybody obviously had an opportunity to work way longer than him and they still can’t top what he has done in two albums. I think that’s my list.”

Later, Busta continues speaking about touring with 50 Cent, his new album Blockbusta, working with Little Simz, R.A and Giggs, growing up in the United Kingdom and more. You can watch the interview below: