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Did Eminem kill Jay-Z on “Renegade”? Math Hoffa does not think so




Math Hoffa has recently sat down with DJ VLAD where the battle rapper and the host of My Expert Opinion talked about Jay-Z and Eminem’s classic track “Renegade” and revealed that he does not think Slim Shady outrapped Jigga on the track.

“They both did their thing on a song ‘Renegade’. People make that argument that Eminem killed Jay-Z because Nas said that s–t. But realistically, the subject matter of they are talking about, I can get it, the paparazzi effect and the critics that were coming after Eminem but I can mentally walk through the hood while I’m listening to Jay-Z, so it’s a song about subject matter. I don’t think it’s a murder thing.” said Math Hoffa

Then he continued: “If it’s a track like we getting off like ‘I’mma smoke you ni–as,’ if they got on something like that, then who wins? If Tupac was still alive, whose verse would he like? There is a reason why, you listen to Nas and the way he structures his rhymes, that’s why he would say, Eminem murdered you because the constant flowing that Em had, he just kept building compound rhyme, it connected beautifully if you are into that. But if you are Tupac fan, Tupac did it occasionally but he focused more on what he was saying and being direct in his message.”

You can watch the interview below: