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Cassidy namedrops Eminem on a new 6-minute track




Philadelphia rapper Cassidy is back with the 6 minute freestyle-type track, referencing a huge list of names to showcase his dominance of his pen game on a new song that plays on Katt Williams’ recent controversial interview.

In the song, Cassidy references Eminem with the following bars: “I’m like G Rap mixed with KRS and Rakim / I’m like Biggie or Pun if they would’ve got slim [Slim] / Since the game shady [Shady], I’m blacking out / I’m not Em, I got signed in ’99, I was hot then / You a hater if you ain’t got me in your top 10.”

He also referenced G-Unit members with the following lines: “I done touched the buck [Buck] and put it in the banks [Banks] / But I ain’t tryin’ to move yayo [Yayo] ’til I’m 50, boy!”

Cassidy has said before that he is the “biggest battle rapper” in the game right now, until Eminem wants to come and challenge him for the honorable title.

“It’s nobody else in battle rap bigger than me or did more things than me. If somebody wanted to try to claim the title, like Eminem or somebody would have to come back and get in the lane and try to claim that they are the biggest battle rapper. Because as of this point right now, it’s me. I’m a fan of Eminem man. I want to work with him. Trade some information with bull. Do some music with him, so I ain’t really trying to battle him, but I’ll battle anybody. I’ve battled myself before so I’ll battle anybody.” said Cassidy last year during an interview with the African Cultural Art Forum.

You can bump the new track below: