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Cassidy challenges Eminem to a rap battle, wants to do a song with him



Cassidy / Eminem

Cassidy has recently sat down with Fresha Than and Rashaun Abdur-Rahim on the latest episode of ACAF where Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-born hip-hop artists and battle rapper expressed his desire to work with Eminem but also challenges him into a rap battle.

“If somebody wants to claim the title, like Eminem or somebody who would have to come back and get actually in the lane, they are out to claim that they are biggest battle rapper because, as at this point right now, it’s me.” said Cassidy.

When Rashaun asked him if Eminem is someone he would like to battle, Cassidy replied: “Nah, I’m a fan of Eminem. I wanna work with him. I ain’t really trying to battle him but I battle anybody. I battled myself before so I battle anyone.”

This is not the first time Cassidy expressed his desire to work with (or battle) Eminem. Couple of years ago, in an interview with Hip-Hop Is Real, Cass spoke about Slim Shady being the only person he’d like to battle: “The only artists that I would get excited about are those that accomplished more than me in this world. Any battle rapper that you will bring up I am not going to feel, like, not taking anything away from battle rappers but I just felt like I accomplished more than any other battle rapper. I would get excited about somebody like Eminem, definitely, I want that.”

Last year, in an interview with Ugly Money TV, Cassidy was asked to describe how his Eminem-diss record would sound like, on which he replied: “Nah, I love Eminem man. I got no reason to diss him. I love Detroit. I love all them motherf–kers. That’s like really hip-hop place. I f–k with Eminem. He made history so many times and that ni–a can really rap. That ni–a can put bars together and that’s dope. He can do any type of hip-hop. He really into the culture. He’s not the ni–a that’s unfamiliar to what’s going on. That ni–a is super informed. So, I don’t wanna diss Eminem. I wanna work with him. I wanna meet him. I wanna talk to him.”

As far as Eminem, his favorite battle rapper seems to be Murda Mook. Couple of years ago, in an interview with Report Card Radio, Royce 5’9″ said: “Eminem is definitely tuned in battle rap, he loves Murda Mook. I think Mook is his favorite right now.”

You can watch Cassidy’s new interview below: