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What if Shady affiliates were Breaking Bad characters?



Throughout the 5 seasons of the hit television series, “Breaking Bad,” we were introduced to countless iconic characters. Every character in the show was incredibly well-written and usually served as one of many cogs that advanced the plot further.

In case there was ever any doubt, it should be said that every member on our Southpawers team is a huge fan of the series and the characters it contained. The first character that comes to mind might be Walt, the scientist teacher that snaps (or “Breaks Bad”) and unleashes his evil, alter ego, Heisenberg. This may remind you of a certain Detroit battle rapper that sometimes lets his evil twin out of the box to do his evil deeds. This got some of our Southpawers writer’s wondering, “What if Shady Affiliates were Breaking Bad Characters”?

Walter White/Heisenberg
Eminem/Slim Shady 

Walter White is a perfectly normal guy on the surface, much like Eminem. However, once the Fedora or bleached blonde hair is applied, they become an evil version of themselves. This evil version serves as a vehicle they can use to blame for all their murders and misdeeds. Some could argue they’re stronger and more powerful when their bad half is in control. However, it’s usually at the cost of inflicting pain on anyone and everyone within the crossfire.


Skylar White
Kim Mathers 

The wives of both Eminem and Walt often disapprove of the way they choose to earn their money. Both on again and off again relationships, eventually wind up ending permanently with Walt/Eminem. The only difference is between divorce and death. The troubled relationships with their husbands both resulted in self sabotage. Kim would attempt to end her life via self-harm, while Skylar was shown smoking cigarettes while pregnant as a way to deal with the stress. The majority of both Eminem and Breaking Bad fans also seem to generally dislike each of the protagonist’s wives.


Saul Goodman
Jimmy Iovine

They’re not usually directly involved in the front lines of any real action, but through wit and the will to survive, they seem to have a role in everyone’s business. Both men are very good at taking the bare materials they have, and finding a way to use them to their benefit in tight situations. 


Mike Ehrmantraut
Dr. Dre

Mike and Dre are both strictly business, at least on the surface. They both have a history of committing questionalnl, even criminal deeds, but mostly for the sake of supporting their family. Mike/Dre work very closely with Saul/Jimmy within the same business. They don’t always agree with each other, but they need each other to become Moguls in the Crime/Hip-Hop industry. Mike/Dre are also responsible for cleaning up the messes often made by Heisenberg/Slim Shady. Walt/Eminem always wanted to become as successful as Mike/Dre, no matter what they have to sacrifice to get there.


Gus Fring
Paul Rosenberg 

If it wasn’t for Gus Fring, Walter White would have never been able to make as much money in the business as he did. The same goes for Eminem needing Paul Rosenberg as his manager to take care of the business side of things. Both Gus and Paul are very smart men who know how to run a business, even if it means being a little shady sometimes. Deep down, both Gus and Paul have emotions, but the bottom line is, if it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.


Jesse Pinkman
Proof (Of D12)

Jesse and Proof both came from the streets. Proof was running the streets of underground Detroit Hip-hop, while Jesse was well known in New Mexico for his “Chilly P” brand of methamphetamines. They were both masters of their craft, but didn’t break into fame until they teamed up with someone who balances them. Proof met Eminem who would help launch Proof into fame with the success of D12. Walter White helped Jesse perfect his formula and they built an methamphetamine empire together. In both cases, Proof and Jesse were doing well, but they needed to find someone with a similar skillset to maximize their full potential.


Bizzare (Of D12)

Badger/Bizzare is a longtime friend of Jesse/Proof. They came up together in the rough streets of Albuquerque/Detroit. Badger/Bizzare are both known to be pretty unorthodox and strange individuals. One thing you have to give them credit for, though, is the strong loyalty they have for their friends. Until the very end, Badger can be seen providing a safe house for Jesse while he was on the run, being one of the most wanted criminals in the country. Badger even provided Jesse with a car while he was wanted by police. Bizzare is also known to always have his friend’s backs until the very end. Even very recently, Bizzare has shown support for Eminem during his beefs with Machine Gun Kelly and Lord Jamar. Despite D12 having disbanded years ago, Bizzare has shown that friends are forever. 

badger-bizarreI had a lot of fun writing this article, and I hope Southpawers enjoyed reading it just as much. This is just the beginning. We have tons of creative ideas just like this queued up and coming down the pipeline very soon. What Breaking Bad Characters do you think we should have included as Shady Affiliates? Let us know in the comments!

Written by CeaTee Reviews 

Instagram @CeaTee_Reviews