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Tony Yayo to Melle Mel: “Eminem would never be on the list if he was not f–king lyrical tyrant”




Tony Yayo has recently sat down with DJ VLAD where he briefly talked about Eminem and Benzino situation and shared his opinion on Melle Mel saying Eminem is on Billboard’s top rappers list just because he’s white.

“Eminem really never say nothing. Eminem is the type of ni–a that could watch you, he will make a diss record to destroy you and then just chill in the crib. Shout out to Eminem.” said Yayo.

Then he continues: “We were called House Ni–as for f–king with Eminem. The Source, they would take it to whole another level. That’s when the disrespect for me was like. Damn, what does color have to do with music. What does the color have to do with people. I don’t care what color or religion you are. We from New York, we grew up with all kinds of people. I don’t give a f–k what color you are. I don’t look at you as a culture vulture because you are white. That could be somebody else’s opinion. It’s not mine.”

“Melle Mel said something about Eminem. That’s his opinion. My thing is, Em and Fifty did more for me than anybody has ever done in my career. I’mma always shout out Eminem. Eminem would never be on no list if he was not f–king lyrical tyrant. If he was not f–king nice with it. No disrespect to Melle Mel, I know he’s a legend in the game but at the end of the day, Eminem is lyrical.” Tony Yayo added.

You can watch the interview below: