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Joe Budden reacts to Melle Mel’s Eminem diss




Last week, in response to Eminem’s jab on “Realest” track with Ez Mil, Melle Mel released an Eminem diss-track and unfortunately the song was not very well received.

Critics were so bitter that Melle Mel was forced to remove the track from YouTube and send an apology to Slim Shady.

During the latest episode of Joe Budden podcast, Joe Budden also criticized Melle Mel’s response. “I’m gonna cut it off cause I know some of you all listening in the car. I’m not gonna do it to you all. That was Melle Mel dissing Eminem, I guess, cause Eminem dissed him.” said Joe Budden.

Then he continued: “Dawg, respectfully, it’s hip-hop’s 50th birthday. Melle Mel, thank you first of all, for everything. Secondly, don’t do this again. We want to honor hip-hop and all of its pioneers. We don’t wanna hear from you all ni–as.”

You can watch the segment below:

Joe Budden reacts to Melle Mel diss
by u/Tiingy in Eminem